July 9, 2021


7 Different Varieties Of Online Slot Games

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Online casinos have gone from strength to strength since the first digital slots appeared in the mid-1990s. In these early days, operators provided merely classic table games online, but as technology progressed, they were able to expand their offering and slots soon followed. Figures in the last few years show just how popular they’ve become.

According to 2018 research by consumer and market data company Statista, slots enjoyed special popularity in northern parts of England, United Kingdom, as well as in the Midlands, whereas in some southern parts of England fewer people tended to use them in 2016. Jump forward to 2022 and the popularity of slots in England is just a sign of their popularity as part of a wider industry — the casino and online gambling industry — that generated an estimated $227 billion in revenue worldwide.

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1. What’s behind the popularity of online slots?

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Playing online slots is immensely entertaining, partly because it’s so unpredictable. When you sit down and spin the reels, you’ve no idea whether they’ll spin in your favor. Not only that but playing these games is easy, too… slots are free of the complications of calculating bankroll and strategy that table games such as poker entail. You just lay down your stake and spin the reels.

As well as the entertainment value of slots, playing games at Wink Slots and other such casinos gifts visitors to the site with a high level of convenience. You can play whenever you want and, as long as they have an internet connection, from wherever you want.

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Of course, operators try to make playing on the slots as appealing as possible. Bonuses for signing up to play or for depositing money in an account, loyalty programs, free spins, and other promotions can all make the slots attractive to potential new players, as can the variety of themes.

Many aspects fuel the popularity of online slots leaving players wanting more!

2. Plenty of variety in the online slots world

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Playing the slots might be simple, but when it comes to choosing one, players may find making that decision a little more complicated. In a good way, however. Operators, in their desire to give players value, spoil the players for choice with various options:

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1. The classic three-reel slot machine

These slots take their inspiration from the original slot machines, which had three reels. You just have to match up the symbols along the top, middle or bottom lines to win. Easy.

2. Five-reel slots

Operators capitalized on advanced programming to create five-reel slots and make online slots more appealing, moving away from the traditional three reels. These slots began to provide more pay lines and more chances of winning prizes.

3. Mobile slots

Designers have specially tailored these slots for play on mobile devices. Players can play the games while they’re on the go and enjoy the same visual effects on the screen.

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4. Multi-pay line slots

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Players who play these slots experience more chances to win. These slots can have as many as 25 pay lines or more. It depends on which game you’re playing. Lines can be diagonal, straight, or even zig-zagged.

5. Progressive slots

Playing these slots is something of a question of being in the right place at the right time. If no one wins, the jackpot increases by a small amount. The odds of winning are low, but if you do win, then what high rewards!

6. Six and seven reel slots

These slots, which feature either six or seven reels, are for those players who don’t feel they have enough with five slots. Although there are few of these slots around, the seven reel-ers give players more bang for their buck. They’ll feature more pay lines, but also require a bigger stake outlay.

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7. Mega spin slots

If you want exceptionally thrilling slots, mega-spin ones could be the slots for you. Instead of playing just one slot at once, you can play several. There’s also likely to be a progressive jackpot up for grabs.

To keep players engaged and interested, providers spoil them with a huge variety of choices.

3. Understanding pay lines to win

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The pay lines (also called the “betting lines” or the “winning lines”) are the combinations of symbols that result in a win. In the original slots, the pay line was a horizontal line of three matching symbols. Today, the pay lines can go in a variety of directions. You can see how much landing the symbols on a pay line will earn you on the paytable.

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Slots feature some important symbols and features, too, which can trigger bonus rounds, free spins, and/or help you to win more:

  • Scatter symbols, which may act as multipliers, substitute other symbols to form winning combinations or trigger bonus features.
  • Multipliers, which can multiply bets, line wins, and total wins.
  • Wilds, which can occupy the spot of regular symbols on a reel (except bonus symbols and scatters) to create winning combinations.

4. Online slots and inspiration

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It’s not just types of slots of which there’s plenty of variety. The designers of slots take their inspiration from a broad, creative range of sources, allowing operators to possess a wide selection of themed slots to attract new players and retain existing ones. Almost anything can inspire a theme. TV programs, music, movies, sports, ancient history, retro gaming… even the concept of Christmas has generated themes for slots.

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Online slots are incredibly popular. Ease of access, the straightforward gameplay, the variety, and the chance to win big prizes have made them a huge hit with online gaming fans. Plus the fact that the player never knows quite how the game is going to end has made them highly engaging. And as popular as slots are now, they look set to grow even more popular in the future.


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