February 29, 2024


How to Make Your Website as User-Friendly as Possible

Think of a business-related website in a similar manner to a real-world billboard. Not only is the information advertised important, but where the billboard happens to be placed will ultimately determine how many viewers it reaches.

This is the very same reason why a website must be as noticeable as possible to the general public if you hope to receive an appreciable number of inbound hits. After all, every visitor may eventually convert into a paying client. What are some of the easiest ways to design a site that resonates with your intended audience? We will examine some practical (and perhaps surprising) tips.

Build a Strong Foundation from the Beginning

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Believe it or not, your website address will have a massive impact upon how the business itself is perceived. This is why the best names engender sensations of transparency and authority. So, spend a considerable amount of time examining different domain names and suffixes such as .com, .co.uk, and .net. There are even some suffixes (including .tech and .io) which are meant to describe what type of industry is associated with your website.

Choose the Appropriate Server

Some website owners will opt for a shared hosting service. Although this might represent the cheapest option, it is not always the most practical. Shared hosting can suffer from problems such as slow page loading times and bandwidth bottlenecks during periods of high Internet traffic. Experts therefore recommend using a virtual private server (VPS). This type of server is dedicated to a single website. It provides a much greater degree of storage space and downtimes are nearly eliminated from the equation.

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All About the End User

Lt us now assume that an individual has decided to visit your website. How easy will it be for them to find what they are looking for? This is when the principle of site design comes into play. Here are some professional tips to follow as each page is being created:


  • Embrace a minimalist approach (less is more)


  • Avoid elements such as distracting banner ads and excessive pop-ups.


  • Eliminate any blind links that may be present.


  • Place a contact button in the same location on each page.


  • Ensure that branding remains consistent throughout the entire site.
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Those who are unfamiliar with website design are also encouraged to utilise third-party templates, as these will vastly simplify the overall process.

Take Advantage of Outbound Links

Hyperlinks are excellent ways to direct users to a specific area of your site without being required to manually enter long URLs. However, did you know that these links can also be used to increase your ranking within search engine results pages? Quality outbound links to social media pages and authoritative third-party websites will provide your portal with the digital “clout” that is often required to gain more exposure than your competitors.

Please note that this is only a general overview of how to imbue your site with a user-friendly edge. When in doubt, it is always better to consult the services of a trained professional.

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