August 4, 2019


Top 5 Watches for Men

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When you think of elegance, style, and time together in one, you are thinking about a specific watch. This gadget symbolizes preciseness, sharpness, and more often than not, a watch can tell you a lot about its proud owner. A man that takes care of his appearance is always wearing a suitable watch to match his personality. If you wish to speak without saying a word, to be understood immediately, then a perfect watch is essential for you. Such small things matter the most but have a hefty price tag if you opt for the real game-changing watch on your hand. Recognizing the crucial part a watch has in a man’s life, we have made a list of five perfect watches for man.

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1Tudor – Black Bay P01

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With a 42mm satin-finish steel case combined brown leather, and steel strap with rubber makes one first choice complete – the Black Bay P01. The blueprint was taken from the 1967 prototype US Navy divers watch, also known as Commando. It was never accepted in service but allowed the people from Tudor to use the prototype as a guideline to something worth looking, and speaking about. The P01 is guaranteed waterproof to 200m and highly resistant to damage underwater. Any lover of sports on the water with taste and style deserves the Black Bay P01 for around £ 3000. For more offers in this field, you can visit

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2Rolex Submariner

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Probably the most known watch on our list is the Rolex Submariner watch. The fact that it has been around over 60 years with constant improvements that make it so attractive, elegant, and stylish is a confirmation of its quality. With durability, reliability, and sophistication implemented in this watch, it is no wonder it used to be the favorite watch of James Bond 007 until the early 1990s. The starting price tag for this beauty is around £5000.


svg%3E - Top 5 Watches for Mende ville tresor 125th anniversary edition 640x427 1 - Top 5 Watches for Men


The birthdays of well-known watchmakers are a perfect opportunity to introduce a new upcoming star to everyone. For the De Ville Tresor 125th Anniversary Edition, they have prepared probably the most elegant and stylish watch around. The hand-wound Co-Axial Omega movement implemented with a red enamel dial and a certified chronometer, all nicely packed in a 40mm 18k yellow gold case to catch the eye even for those who don’t pay attention to these details. This piece of heaven on your hand will cost you around £14000.

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svg%3E - Top 5 Watches for Menhublot classic fusion 640x640 1 - Top 5 Watches for Men


With a blue sunray satin-finished dial that speaks instead of you, the 18kt Rose Gold 45mm case size makes the Hublot Classic Fusion shine in the eye of a blind person even. This gorgeous timepiece is a must-have watch after a first glance, so comfortable and suitable for any style you wish to combine with it. When opting for this watch, it can set you back around £20000.


svg%3E - Top 5 Watches for Menbreguet 640x427 1 - Top 5 Watches for Men


The last but not the least important is the family member of the Marine collection the Breguet. The famous watch has its roots from the time when Abraham-Louise Breguet was the person in charge to supply the France navy with top quality chronometer solution. Brown leather satin-finished with options for the case in white gold, titanium, and rose gold to choose from to your liking. The manly watch will be a thing of prestige with information stating only 100 watches a year will be made, for the price around £110000.


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