March 29, 2023


“Andraz Polic’s Net Worth: How He Built His Fortune from Scratch”


Success stories are always inspiring as they have the potential to motivate and encourage us in our personal and professional lives. Andraz Polic’s story is no exception. He is a Slovenian entrepreneur who has built his fortune up from scratch. Polic pursued his passion in entrepreneurship and was able to transform it into a prosperous career. This blog post will delve into the life of Andraz Polic and his journey towards building a substantial net worth.

The Early Years

Andraz Polic was born on August 26, 1986, in Maribor, a town in Slovenia. He started working from a very young age, beginning with small jobs like delivering newspapers and helping out at his parents’ shop. Polic had a passion for entrepreneurship, and he always wanted to start his own business. However, with limited financial resources, making that dream come true was not easy.

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The Start of His Journey

After completing high school, Polic turned to the internet to learn about entrepreneurship. He read books, watched YouTube videos, and scoured the web for information. His first business venture started when he was still in high school, selling items on eBay. Making a small profit, he used it to fund his further entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Big Break

Polic’s big break came in the form of a virtual gaming platform that he co-founded. The platform provided a social network for gamers, allowing them to connect with others who shared their passion. The company was successful, and Polic sold his shares for a significant profit, providing him with the means to fund his other ventures.

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Andraz Polic’s Net Worth

Andraz Polic’s net worth is estimated to be around $40 million. He has accumulated wealth through his various business ventures, including virtual gaming, eCommerce, and affiliate marketing. Polic has also invested in a number of startups, many of which have proven to be successful.

Andraz Polic’s Achievements

Polic’s passion for entrepreneurship has garnered him a number of achievements. In 2017, he was named one of Forbes 30 under 30 Europe in the category of Technology. Polic has been a guest speaker at various conferences and events, sharing his insights on entrepreneurship and strategies for success.

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Andraz Polic’s Future Plans

Polic’s entrepreneurial journey is far from over. He plans on continuing his investments in startups and expanding his portfolio. Polic is also working on new business ventures and exploring opportunities in the gaming and eCommerce industries.


Q. What was Andraz Polic’s first business venture?

A. Andraz Polic’s first business venture was selling items on eBay.

Q. How did Andraz Polic start his entrepreneurial journey?

A. Andraz Polic started his entrepreneurial journey by learning about entrepreneurship on the internet after completing high school.

Q. How did Andraz Polic fund his business ventures?

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A. Andraz Polic funded his business ventures through the profits gained from his eBay sales and the sale of his shares in a virtual gaming platform.

Q. How did Andraz Polic accumulate his wealth?

A. Andraz Polic accumulated his wealth through his various business ventures, investments in startups, and the profits of his previous ventures.

Q. What are Andraz Polic’s achievements?

A. Andraz Polic has been named one of Forbes 30 under 30 Europe in the category of Technology in 2017. He has also been a guest speaker at various conferences and events.

Q. What are Andraz Polic’s future plans?

A. Andraz Polic plans on expanding his portfolio and continuing his investments in startups. He is also exploring business opportunities in the gaming and eCommerce industries.

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Q. What can we learn from Andraz Polic’s entrepreneurial journey?

A. Andraz Polic’s journey teaches us that with hard work, determination, and a passion for what we do, we can achieve great things.


Andraz Polic’s entrepreneurial journey is a lesson in perseverance, passion, and hard work. He started with humble beginnings and with his self-taught entrepreneurial skills, he was able to build a substantial fortune. Polic’s achievements have led him to being recognized as a successful entrepreneur, providing motivation for others who wish to follow their dreams. His story serves as a reminder that with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks, anyone can achieve success. If you have a passion for something, believe in yourself, and start your entrepreneurial journey just like Andraz Polic did!

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