June 2, 2023


Avoid back pain with crisp exercises

Back pain has long been known as the number one widespread disease and is a burden on the well-being of numerous people. Especially employees who work in offices or have to perform the same movements at their workplace over and over again are often affected by back pain. Even in a stressful working day, a few effective exercises can help to relieve the muscles and prevent permanent back damage.

More movement in everyday working life

Sitting in front of the PC all day, having to stand for long periods of time, or repeatedly performing incorrect movement sequences – we usually don’t even notice that we put an enormous strain on our backs in our everyday working lives, even though we could quickly take remedial action. For example, by always being in motion and thus not constantly stressing the back. Anyone who sits in an office chair for long periods of time should also get up and move around in between. Instead of calling a colleague, it is worthwhile to walk to the next office, or to ask the boss to integrate a standing desk into the office, where you can also work in a standing position from time to time. Not only does this promote efficiency in the workplace, but it also helps the worker’s perspective. It can also help to use the stairs instead of the elevator. Likewise, taking a walk during the lunch break provides more exercise, which is not only good for the body, but also for the mind.

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Short exercises for a healthy back

If there is no possibility to integrate more movement into the daily work routine, you should at least try to do these short exercises in between, especially if your back is aching.

Stretching the body

Begin this exercise in a hip-width stance with the right foot planted backward so that the top of the foot is up, but the upper body remains straight. In this position, the right arm is extended down along the body with the palm facing the floor. The left arm is stretched upward so that it points toward the ceiling. Now pull the arms apart and hold the position for ten seconds. Repeat three times on each side.

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Against the wall

In the starting position, stand with your right shoulder against a wall before doing a short lunge with your right leg. Now stretch your right arm back along the wall so that it rests on the wall slightly below the level of your shoulder. During the exercise, you should breathe consciously and complete three repetitions per side.

Healthy rotation

If your back has become stiff from sitting for so long, this exercise helps. First sit on the front part of a chair. Now raise your arms to the sides of your head. Now slowly move your body first to the left, then to the right. Make sure that the body is always straight and not crooked during the exercise. In the meantime, breathe consciously and tense the abdominal and back muscles. You should exercise for at least half a minute to relieve your back.

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Short massage

A short massage can work wonders for acute back pain. With a fascia roll you can quickly get rid of back pain and experience more freedom of movement again. If you clamp the fascia roller between your back and the wall, you can use the nubby roller to loosen up tense muscles and quickly relieve acute tension. The fascia roller is available in sports shops or pharmacies for little money.


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