February 15, 2022


Growing on Instagram the right way in the year 2022

Instagram is possibly the most popular platform of social media worldwide. Everyone has heard the name of Instagram. Everyone is trying to use the platform to grow their brand, business, or company or connect with their friends and family. If you are on Instagram to connect with your friends and family, you do not need to worry about growing. However, if you’re using Instagram as an advertising tool to promote your business and improve your brand identity, you need to work on your profile and make sure it’s attractive and appealing to increase your follower count and engagement ratio on your profile. When Instagram sees a high engagement ratio on a company or brand profile, it will promote the posts further onto a worldwide audience. This way, you can have many eyes on your product without paying a single dime.

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The first thing that people worry about is how to get followers. If you have been on Instagram for a while now, you must know the ins and outs of how things work. If you already have 10K followers, you need to build up further on that. However, if you are a brand starting with Instagram, you most likely have 0 to a minimal level of followers. Thus, you should focus on boosting your follower levels. For this purpose, you can purchase a few thousand followers initially. If you have a certain level of followers, it will establish trust in the company, and the audience will find the brand appealing. If you are a well-known brand in your country, but you have zero followers on Instagram, the new audience who comes and looks at your posts would not be invigorated enough to check out further or follow your account.

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The next thing to focus on is where to purchase Instagram followers. If you are looking to purchase Instagram followers, check out Famoid. Famoid provides active and real human followers to its customers. Unlike other social media promotion sites will provide your account with bot followers. With Famoid, you are safe. If Instagram suspects bots are in your account, they have the right to suspend your account. Thus, you must be very cautious when purchasing followers.


If you want to know more sites about purchasing Instagram followers, you should check out social follower article on state journal. They have listed 10 legitimate sites where you can purchase Instagram followers from.

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However, purchasing followers and growing your following number is not enough to go on Instagram. Along with a good follower number, you also need to put up eye-catching and engaging posts to get your audience hooked. If you have 10,000 followers but your post are inconsistent, and all over the place, the audience will lose interest. They may stop engaging and unfollow you. This will hurt your brand identity. Therefore, make sure that you post on an everyday basis and focus on your niche.


According to experts, you should use trending hashtags with your posts. Make sure you have one company hashtag which you encourage the users to use. The more users use your company hashtag, the more others will see your company. Suppose you blog about bachelorette party organization, you can provide some details in your post and at the end and the caption, for more fun ideas visit bachelorette blog.org. This way, anyone who wants to know more about your work can access your website. You must also ensure that your website details are present in the links section. In your caption, you can mention ‘link in bio’ so that people can access the link directly from your bio.

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