September 21, 2022


IM Academy Launches Two New Academies in 2022

In July 2022, online education provider IM Academy celebrated its ninth anniversary. Co-founded by CFO Isis Terry and CEO Christopher Terry as IM Mastery Academy, the company has grown from a small provider of online financial educational resources to an international business that reaches thousands of students. IM Academy has continued to pursue multidimensional growth in 2022, adding two new academies to its offerings: the Time-Based Exchange (TBX) Academy and Travel and Lifestyle Experience (TLX) Academy.


While these new resources differ in content and structure, they share IM Academy’s underlying focus on personal empowerment, experiences, and financial knowledge.


TBX Academy

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TBX Academy is a natural extension of IM Academy’s other academies, which are focused on financial markets such as the foreign exchange (forex) market and cryptocurrencies. While IM Academy’s FRX and DCX academies cover these specific markets in detail, TBX takes a broader perspective on time-based engagement strategies that can be applied across a variety of markets.


The concept on which TBX Academy’s content is based is that of a market time frame. Financial markets can be analyzed in terms of short-term or long-term time scales. An asset such as a fiat currency or cryptocurrency may increase over a time frame of a day or an hour while staying stable or decreasing over a longer time scale such as a week, month, or year. Or the asset may decrease a number of times in the short term despite a long-term increase. For those involved in time-based market strategies, the idea is to anticipate shifts within a shorter time frame and take an intraday approach to market engagement, making several exchanges as the market subtly shifts over the course of a day.

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At TBX Academy, IM Academy students study this intraday, time-based market exchange approach, which is known as scalping. TBX progresses in levels, with students beginning by exploring the basics of the markets amenable to time-based approaches, then proceeding to study risk management and a variety of methods to recognize market patterns such as candlesticks, Fibonacci ratios, and Elliott waves.


As is the case with IM Academy’s other academies, TBX provides students with asynchronous educational materials such as readings and videos, as well as opportunities to engage with IM Academy educators through GoLive online video sessions. At these sessions, students can discuss the strategies they’ve been studying in the Academy’s asynchronous content.

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TLX Academy


With TLX Academy, IM Academy is expanding beyond online financial education. TLX offers members access to discounted rates at hotels and resorts through an online interface, along with the opportunity to sign up for themed trips organized around financial education. For example, TLX is planning trips to the Dominican Republic and Mexico, where members can engage with IM Academy educators focused on cryptocurrencies. The Academy is also planning a forex-themed trip to Las Vegas.


In addition to themed trips and discounts, those who maintain a continuous TLX membership for a year are eligible to receive an Anniversary Trip, which covers the cost of a hotel stay (terms and conditions apply).

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What’s Next for IM Academy?


IM Academy continues to grow, offering its educational content in several languages and reaching students on an international scale.


IM Mastery Academy CEO Christopher Terry recently wrapped a European speaking tour during which he connected with IM Academy students, educators, and independent business owners in countries such as Greece, Germany, and Spain.


The addition of the TBX and TLX Academies signals that IM Academy plans to continue to expand and build on its mission of providing accessible online resources and opportunities for its members to pursue knowledge and access experiences.


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