March 28, 2022


Pros and Cons of Being Student

No one can deny the fact that school time is the best phase of anyone’s life. This is the golden time when you learn new things, make new friends, learn new things and most importantly lay the foundation of your career ahead. As they don’t have many family responsibilities so they can enjoy the wonderland of their dreams and can explore their life.

Usually, we realise the importance of this phase when we enter adulthood and this awesome life is left behind. When we remember then we can count infinite numbers of advantages of being a student and if asked about disadvantages of being student then we can count very hardly a few. Student life teaches us a lot of things which become beneficial in the future of a student and benefits him/her in his/her personal life also.

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Students these days enjoy LMS advantages also because they use online learning a lot these days. Students can choose any education app to make their learning easy like a teacher app. A teacher app keeps the course of the students précised and makes learning easy for them. With such facilities students enjoy LMS advantages. Though student life of full grey patterns still it is very interesting to discuss the pros and cons of being student so let’s have an interesting discussion about it:

  • Students can understand this feeling that studying in school can be so much fun with the collective efforts of teachers, parents and also peer groups. It is the time when students can have good classroom experiences along with fun also. Talking to the peer group, listening to the funny stories told by the tutor, having fun and eating tasty snacks while doing homework with the help of parents, all these interesting things make the studying and learning awesome and one feels blessed to be a student.
  • This is the time in the life of a person when he or she makes new friends and sometimes friendships made in this time period goes for years. In this student life a student makes friends of different gender and culture and gets to know about these things also and develops emotional respect for such things and gets an understanding to make healthy relations also. When students study with their friends having fun and smiles in the live classroom then this creates a good atmosphere in the class where kids enjoy learning.
  • In student life a student discovers new things daily and finds out many new things which enhances the knowledge and information level of the student. In this age students explore the world, understands the behaviour and characteristics of individuals. Having the theory about life in books, students start to explore the real world and understand the practicality of life. Also, during school life, a student learns the benefits and significance of punctuality, discipline, hard work, learning, knowledge and value of humanity and friendship. This is the time when one learns the importance of giving and taking respect.
  • Doesn’t matter if it is parents, tutors, peers or sometimes strangers also; a student can learn from anyone. It is said by scholars that a true learner should be ready to learn from anyone, anytime and anywhere. Students can learn a lot of good things during school time like time-management, communication, critical thinking and personality management due to which students also learn some good attributes like sharing is caring and helping the needy people and such good lessons learnt in student life brings respect and love from society.
  • It is the student life which makes you meet the real you, where you can understand what you are and what you would like to be in future. When a person passes out of the school time, learns the things to assist in his/her professional lives and work as a professional then we remember that what we are doing right now is the result of a strong foundation based in student life with the help of knowledge and information.
  • Students often are given tasks as assignments and projects in the school, to complete as a team of 3-4 students and when a student. Such projects are given to the students on a regular basis due to which students learn how to work as a team and this lesson proves to be very effective in their professional life further. Team building activities teaches students many good things regarding how to have a good productivity working as a team.
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