June 20, 2022


5 craziest casino stories of all time

Casinos games like situs Judi Online and rtp live slot are notorious for being at the heart of many bizarre stories, robberies, and crimes. These incidents make the news because they are so unusual and unbelievable, but if you know where to look you can find hundreds of similar examples of strange things that have happened in casinos.


In this article we will be going over five such casino stories in detail, with detailed descriptions and first-person accounts from those involved. Let us know your favourite crazy casino story in the comments section!


  1. Crazy Gamble


It has been said that gambling is a form of entertainment. That statement gets thrown around quite a bit, but it is true for some people. It also falls into the “Anything for a Dollar” category of human behaviour, which can make for an extremely awkward story when someone loses the money and doesn’t have any idea how it happened!

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In 1975 an electronics store owner from Sacramento, CA went to Las Vegas with his brother to gamble at the Stardust Hotel and Casino. His brother lost $6,000 on roulette and ended up with $10,000 in winnings. The store owner began gambling as well, and won about $4,000. He then decided to buy $20,000 in chips.


The next day the owner began betting his brother’s winnings ($10,000 from the jackpot) that he could beat the casino’s record of winning on 25 consecutive spins of roulette. He placed one bet per spin and kept getting hammered. He lost all but $6,000 of his money in a few hours and returned to California with only $250.

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  1. Crazy Dice


In 1994 a man gambled once in Las Vegas, then returned to his home in St. Louis, MO. The next day he went back to the casino and was playing one-armed bandits when he threw his dice and lost $5,000. He didn’t return to the casino right away, but later that evening called a friend in Las Vegas and asked him if he could come over so they could gamble with the $50,000 they had won.


The man who took the call immediately recognized the voice and realised that the person calling him was his best friend’s father who was living in a nursing home under heavy sedation.

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  1. Crazy Fate, Casino Style


For most people, Las Vegas is a place to have fun, relax and gamble. However, for many gamblers it becomes a second home and they start to consider it as part of their family. This is exactly what happened to Isabelle and Maurice Nagel when they visited Las Vegas for their honeymoon in 1961.


Maurice Nagel was a real estate developer from New Orleans, LA and he and his bride decided to splurge with their honeymoon money by staying at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino for the entire week. Unfortunately, Isabelle fell ill during the second day of their trip and was hospitalised for two days. Just as she was being discharged Maurice suffered a heart attack in their hotel room. The doctor was able to revive him but he remained in the hospital for several days.

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When he returned to his hotel room, Maurice found out that Isabelle had fallen ill after seeing him taken away on a stretcher when she returned from her walk around the casino floor. She was taken to the hospital again and treated for a deep depression in addition to her illness.


The heart attack caused Maurice a great deal of stress, which compounded Isabelle’s depression. She developed an infection that could not be fixed with antibiotics so she passed away five weeks after their honeymoon. Maurice was not driven out of his mind by grief, however. He joined the Flamingo team as a vice president, and he eventually became the Chairman of the Board in 1975. He kept the position until his death in 1989 and was responsible for helping to revitalise Las Vegas as we know it today.

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  1. Crazy Brawl


The Vegas Strip is a very busy place, not only because of the casino workers and regular tourists, but also because of all the people that work to keep the hotels and casinos in tip-top shape. Among these individuals are contractors, construction workers, painters, plumbers and electricians. Every one of these people is a potential victim of crime in Las Vegas. Most of them travel in groups or with co-workers to make sure they are not robbed or assaulted by thieves or other criminals. However there have been several incidents where groups have gotten themselves into trouble!


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One group was so concerned about safety that they hired an armed guard to ensure their safety while they worked on the Paris Casino renovation project in 2004. They intended for the guard to be part of the construction crew, but before the job was finished many of them were robbed at gunpoint by two members of a crew that was working on another hotel.


The result was a huge fight (pardon our pun) with guns, hammers and even a knife used against each other. Four people from the construction crew were injured, one seriously. They were eventually arrested by police and charged with attempted murder. The project had to be postponed while they waited for their trial dates to come up.

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  1. Crazy Cass


If you are a good gambler, you could make a lot of money in Las Vegas. Don’t let it go to your head, though. One gambler took things too far when he was playing at the Golden Nugget Casino in 2009 and he ended up robbing the casino blind. The story involves a man named Keith Black who was playing blackjack after hours on the night of November 12, 2009 when he placed a 21 on his first two cards. He left three cards face up on the table and walked away with $9,000!


The staff was initially suspicious as they couldn’t figure out what happened to the $9,000 that had been in front of Mr. Black’s cards. However, when Black came back to the table and placed a $10,000 bet and won, the staff really started to wonder! Mr. Black was called back over and told his story about how he had taken the $9,000 from another gambler who had spotted him placing those two cards face up on the table. He told them that the other gambler thought he was cheating (he wasn’t) and so Black gave him $1,000 to settle the debt on this one last blackjack hand.

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Well, someone didn’t believe it! The casino’s manager had seen Mr. Black winning big several times over the past few weeks, but then he lost tens of thousands on a single hand. It just didn’t seem right, so he contacted the police. Mr. Black was arrested for robbery and later released on bail. He has not been seen since and his whereabouts are unknown. The casino returned about $5,000 of his winnings but had to keep the rest as it was determined that Mr. Black had cheated at blackjack from time to time throughout his gambling career in Las Vegas!

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If you have a tendency to get bored in Las Vegas, there is plenty of crazy stuff happening around you to keep you entertained. You can see it, hear it, smell it and even feel it. You just need to know where to look and when. Just remember that if you try some of these things at your own local casino, the only thing you will end up with is a criminal record that prevents you from visiting the casinos in Vegas ever again!


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