August 31, 2021


8 Reasons Why You Should Host Virtual Town Hall Meetings

When you think about getting every employee of your organization together at a time, the intention is to notify them about the company’s recent developments, dropped opportunities, great victories, and other significant updates. It helps in reinforcing your company’s values, particularly among those dispersed units that might not get significant chances to interact with other employees of the company belonging to different departments. Hence, this is why virtual town hall meetings are gaining immense popularity with each passing day.

Today, it’s 2021, and situations are improving but, we haven’t yet got back to normal. Therefore, if you intend to deliver important updates or discuss vital objectives with your employees, you should surely choose to host a virtual town hall meeting. We all agree that the virtual venue was imposed on us due to the global pandemic but today, with an uptick in the virtual event platforms, we can notice several benefits of a virtual town hall meeting or virtual events.

Note: Whatever your business type, it is recommended that you select efficient web hosting services to ensure that your company never experiences downtime.

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If you are still puzzled, then we’ve come to your rescue. We’ve curated some important reasons that hint at the importance of hosting virtual town hall meetings.


  • They are accessible from any part of the world

Contrary to what several individuals think, virtual town hall meetings are expected to receive higher registration numbers when compared to their in-person equivalents. With people being able to join the town hall meeting from any part of the world is like a boon for the attendees.

Irrespective of the location of each employee, the capability to host company events on a larger scale where everyone can seamlessly participate, interact, and engage is one of the biggest advantages of virtual town hall meetings.

Therefore, be very careful while selecting the virtual event platform. An ideal platform will ensure that your attendees can conveniently log into the event from any remote location and experience smooth navigation on their platform.


  • Virtual town hall meetings are cost-effective
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Hosting online town hall meetings is an efficient way to get together every employee from the organization at the same time. Also, through virtual town halls, the expenses of renting an on-site venue, arranging meals & accommodation for the employees, can be eliminated. With online town hall meetings, the only thing you need to consider is the expense of choosing the most suitable virtual event platform.


  • Event flexibility

Have you ever imagined hosting town hall meetings using more than one venue? Well, with virtual platforms, this has turned into a reality. Since virtual town hall meetings occur online, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility in the way you wish to broadcast your virtual event. With thoughtful planning, you can choose to include excellent networking and engagement features, keep various auditoriums and conventional rooms, add 3D graphics, invite noteworthy speakers, or have multiple language options. 

All of this is possible with the determination of the right virtual event platform that can take your town hall meetings online and make them highly lucrative.


  • Better and exciting engagement features
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Like physical events, it is equally essential to seamlessly connect and interact with the attendees at virtual town hall meetings. Virtual platforms offer numerous features to promote engagement or two-way communication. To name some, live polls, surveys, Q&A sessions, live chat, messaging, 1:1/group discussion feature are some great options.

An all-in-one virtual platform, like Dreamcast, leverages the latest technologies and can seamlessly include these features. Hence, this is why you should always ask for a demo once you determine a virtual event platform to validate if they make use of the latest digital tools.


  • A great way to showcase company values

Like physical town hall meetings, online town hall meetings are also a great opportunity for managers and leaders to strengthen the company’s culture, trust, and make their employees believe that they are in safe hands where their efforts and hard work will always be appreciated.

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  • Customizable interface

To make your virtual town hall meetings more remarkable, organizers should go for a platform that can design a completely customizable environment that suits your business needs. The customizable features include;

  • Branded event website
  • An attractive landing page
  • Branded web room
  • Customizable email templates
  • Customizable registration approaches

The ability to combine your organization’s branding and messaging with the help of the virtual event platform will help generate a consistent experience for the attendees.


  • Availability of pre-recorded content

We know that various virtual town hall meetings are live affairs aimed to enhance attendee engagement and replicate their in-person experience. But, having the choice of uploading pre-recorded content of important sessions on the company’s website is notable. Therefore, make sure to validate the same while choosing a virtual event platform.

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  • Significant analytics

Like other virtual events, it is important to obtain meaningful analytics at a virtual town hall meeting. These insights and data help in gauging the success of the event. With the appropriate software, you can also track participation and check attendance utilizing various tools.

So, discuss and confirm with your virtual event platform if it can help you with insights into each phase of the virtual town hall meeting.

When we talk about the aspects of a virtual town hall meeting, it is much more than just sharing recent business updates. These virtual town hall meetings allow getting your entire team ideally working around organization goals, openly interact with each employee, celebrate their successes, and a lot more. 

You may find it a bit difficult to get everyone together at once, but when you choose an all-in-one virtual event platform that focuses on creating memorable experiences for your employees, all of this happens smoothly.

Looking for an all-in-one virtual venue to host a remarkable online town hall meeting?

Dreamcast virtual and hybrid events platform allow you to move your events online and deliver immersive event experiences to your virtual event attendees. Dreamcast enables brands and organizations to host Hybrid and Virtual Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Annual General Meetings, Product Launches, Music Festivals, Job/Career Fairs to magnify your reach and amplify better engagements in real-time. Make your virtual & hybrid events more engaging, powerful and interactive with Dreamcast.

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