September 9, 2021


Go through these aesthetic and technical considerations before installing vehicle signage on your car

Vehicle signage is a great way to promote your brand everywhere you go. However, you need to consider a few things to optimize the benefits of car signs.

Fundamentally, vehicle signs involve placing a logo or sign on a car, SUV, van, or truck. It’s like a moving billboard that reminds or informs people of your business.

  • Take the vehicle type into account. Small cars have space crunch to accommodate signs. It limits your signage at the sides and front of the vehicle. It’s also crucial to ensure that the signage is large enough.
  • For small vehicles, it may be prudent to just feature your phone number and logo, whereas a large car can accommodate a large image and list of products or services.
  • Larger vehicles offer much more flexibility. There’s no restriction on the vehicle design, help you create a more visible sign.
  • You also need to consider the color of your car, which is an extremely crucial aspect of car signs.
  • A consistent color theme is a no-brainer, but if you have a navy-blue logo and you’re putting it on a black or blue car, it’d be futile.
  • Consider creating a white background to make your logo or sign pop.
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Things to remember

First things first, keep your graphics simple. Just because your company or service van has lots of space to accommodate logo, websites, and phone numbers, there’s no need to go overboard. Simple, clean, and minimalistic designs play a clinical role in blending fonts, colors, and proper imagery.

  • They help in conveying a clear message to passerby and other drivers about your identity and brand.
  • However, it’s often easier said than done. You’ll find that social media information, addresses, telephone details, and QR codes and other things can take up valuable space, detracting others from your main design.
  • Your car signs should have a simple, clean look to include the most relevant information.
  • Emphasize the fonts. Highway signage always include extra-large ones for a reason. The human eye must see the signage clearly from a distance. You need to read everything while travelling at a good speed without squinting or slowing down.
  • Your car shouldn’t display small fonts that are not legible for other motorists.
  • Clean and attractive fonts make a stylistic selection. Since your entire car is a blank canvas, you need to utilize the entire space. You can also apply the signs on car bonnets.
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Things to avoid

You mustn’t stick to sides to do branding. Your car is a three-dimensional object. Considering exploring each space it offers. Don’t use a very ornate or prosaic font. Readability is an imperative.

When collaborating with your team, make sure the font is distinctly clear from a distance. Poor quality images are a strict no-no in case of car signs. Professional printing and photography are very important. Even if you have a small smart car, use professional images for branding.

A grainy or fuzzy picture looks unprofessional and shabby. After all, the sole purpose of vehicle branding is to reflect your premium products and services.

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