February 5, 2024


Once A Roedeanian, Always a Roedeanian: How Roedean School Alumnae Keep in Touch

Girls who join Roedean School, Brighton, enjoy an adventure-packed school journey. When they leave, they leave with memories to last a lifetime. However, this doesn’t have to be the end of their school days.

Former students who attended the School for at least two years can join the Old Roedeanians’ Association (ORA). This society welcomes alumnae from multiple generations, who enjoy get-togethers for years after leaving the School.

The Old Roedeanians’ Association Aims

The ORA aims to keep alive the spirit that the Lawrence Sisters, Roedean’s founders, instilled in the School in 1885. The Association also upholds Roedean’s reputation, assists the School, and supports the Old Roedeanian Scholarship Fund.

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On top of this, the Association bridges alumnae and current students. It also hosts reunions and social events to cultivate ongoing friendships and support.

The Roedean Community Network

Roedean connects Old Roedeanians and former staff members through a dedicated website and networking portal: the Roedean Community Network. Alumnae use this portal to:

  • Keep up with Roedean’s news.
  • Book places at upcoming events.
  • Read the Old Roedeanians’ Magazine. Roedean publishes an issue of this magazine every year.
  • Update their contact details and get in touch with other alumnae.
  • Support alumnae businesses via the OR Business Directory. Self-employed alumnae can advertise their ventures here.
  • Explore the Virtual Bookshop, which features Old Roedeanian Authors.
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Keeping In Touch on Social Media

Outside the Roedean Community Network, Old Roedeanians can also keep in touch on social media. Roedean has created private ORA LinkedIn and Instagram pages. The LinkedIn page encourages alumnae to post requests for support, job roles, internships, and mentors. They may also share posts about their business interests and experience.

Roedean also has a private ORA Facebook group, where the Alumnae Office and other members post news, notices, and event information.

Playing Alumnae Sports

Alumnae who enjoy sports can continue playing long after leaving Roedean. The School runs alumnae golf, hockey, netball, sailing, and tennis clubs. These clubs enable former students to enjoy team spirit with their school friends when they finish school for as long as they like.

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2023 Old Roedeanian Association Events

Alumnae get together to enjoy various events every year. Events that Old Roedeanians have enjoyed in 2023 include:

  • An afternoon tea and Old Roedeanian vs Roedean School netball match. Alumnae paired these events to enjoy a weekend of finger sandwiches, pastries, scones, tea, prosecco, and netball. They took afternoon tea at London’s Oriental Club and won against Roedean’s current students in the netball match the next day. The squad comprised women who left Roedean between 2016 and 2021.
  • A Heritage Projects Tour. Old Roedeanians gathered to tour the projects that the ORA had proposed restoration and conservation works for at Roedean. These projects included the sundial on the front terrace and the friezes in three of the boarding houses.
  • An Old Roedeanian vs Roedean School tennis afternoon. Alumnae joined Roedean’s current players for the annual tennis afternoon at Roehampton Club. They enjoyed a BBQ in the gardens afterwards.
  • An Old Roedeanian vs Roedean School hockey match. Both teams displayed outstanding teamwork and skill in this match, drawing 2-2.
  • Christmas drinks at the Antelope in London. Every year, Old Roedeanians meet for a festive drink and bring a donation for the St Mungo’s Wix’s Lane Homeless Project in Clapham.
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The next Old Roedeanian event will be lunch at Manhatta Restaurant in New York on 10 February 2024. Alumnae will join Roedean’s Head Niamh Green, new ORA President Noelle Chase, and Head of Alumnae and Development Grace Chaston for this lunch. The event will allow alumnae to meet Old Roedeanians who live in North America.

Learn more about the Old Roedeanians’ Association.

About Roedean School

Roedean School provides a welcoming, inclusive, all-encompassing education for girls aged 11-18. While some attend in the day only, others immerse themselves in Roedean’s home-from-home boarding houses. Either way, all girls find a special place at Roedean, where they gain the skills they need to fulfil their potential as ambitious young women who are ready to pursue careers of all kinds.

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Though girls progress with their professional and personal lives when they leave, they can remain Roedean community members through the ORA.


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