July 7, 2022


Practical Tips for Creating a Blog for Beginners

Do you like writing and plan to become a Blogger? You might do blog writing as a medium for channelling your hobbies or head content. But you know, start a blog can be more than that! You can write your travel story, build a business brand, or as a portfolio to apply for jobs. In addition, you can make money by writing on the blog. Reporting from themuse.com, a report from HubSpot explains that more and more companies are now allocating marketing funds to blogs and social media. Of course, this can be an opportunity for you and your writing skills to make money!


If you are just starting to become a blogger, check out some of the tips for creating a blog below!

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  1. Decide on the content you want to write

Determining the scope of content that you will write is the first step you must take. You must first determine what topics you want to write about. Is it specific to a particular industry, product reviews, or provides self-development information, and other topics? Reporting from forbes.com, if you want to make money through a blog, then you need to write about popular topics. Because starting with a topic that is less popular will make it difficult for you to increase the number of visitors to your blog.


  1. Determine the name and domain of the blog
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The next step is to determine the name and domain of your blog. Like everything else in life, a name is important because you will use it for a very long time. You can decide on a blog name by thinking about the philosophy behind the name, or a name that is unique and easy for readers to remember. In addition to the blog name, the domain name is also important for you to pay attention to. Reporting from forbes.com, the ideal domain name consists of 2-3 words, 2 words is ideal and 3 words is the maximum limit.


  1. Choose a platform for blogging

Before starting to become a Blogger, of course, you must first determine the platform that you will use. There are many platform options that you can choose from, including WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, Medium, Blogger, and many more. Choose the most suitable and easy platform for you and your potential readers to use. In order to be more optimal in choosing, you can look at several blogs with these platforms and choose the one that is most comfortable, easy, and fun to use from your point of view as a reader.

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  1. Consistent writing

To be able to make money through a blog, you must be consistent in uploading an article. You can schedule uploads of content and topics that you want to write on a special note. In addition to being consistent, you also have to pay attention to keywords in writing to be more effective in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In addition to quantity, you also have to pay attention to quality, make good and interesting writing, according to the scope of the content you write, and focus on keywords. If you can keep your readers actively engaged, Google will notice and rank the search results pages.

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  1. Choose the appropriate theme

The theme or appearance is the first thing that will be seen when readers visit your blog. Reporting from cognitiveseo.com, choosing a theme or blog design can affect SEO, for that, you must be able to choose a theme that can make readers feel at home for long on your blog. You can choose a theme that is simple but still impressive. Choosing a theme with many components will make the page load process slow. Slow loading will certainly make readers reluctant and choose to visit other blogs that provide similar information. Also, make sure you choose a theme with a mobile-friendly appearance because most people currently access information using smartphones.

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  1. Register Site to Google Analytics

This service, which is also owned by Google, is a tool to track and record traffic on your blog, including the number of unique visits, number of pageviews, visitor demographics, most popular posts, and other behaviors such as how long visitors read your blog, how much bounces ) and other indicators. This information is important because with it you can analyze problems and make decisions regarding editorial and so on.


  1. Share Blog Links to Personal Social Media and Blogs

Next, after the steps above you have passed. Now, it’s time to introduce the blog to friends and colleagues. Share the main page link to your social network accounts, or you can also link the first post that you created in one of the steps above. The goal is for people to start recognizing blogs, with the hope that they will become loyal readers.

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